Friday, September 08, 2006

On the comments.

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

It seems that the last two of my posts (and who knows, perhaps more) have been understood by some to be 'sex laden'! A clear reading of the posts in question will make it obvious that there is no recommendation of any kind of sexual activity as a means to enlightenment. I have even hinted (like the anonymous commenters insist) that sexual control is extremely important in the spiritual quest. However, I do not prescribe to the view that staying away from sexual activity is a prerequisite (or like some hold, the only way) for 'enlightenment' . For if that were true, it would naturally proceed that many rishis (in fact all rishis) are not 'enlightened' as they were married- to more than one woman at times - and also presumably had a sex life, as they did father children. If they didn't, there would be no gotras etc (as they are the blood lineages).
It is a very valid argument that sexual control is extremely important in sadhana, but as I say, it is not the end game.
And did not the vedas proclaim that the grahasta (married householder) shoulders the other 3 ashramas (ie. brahmacarya, vanaprasta and sanyasa) by engaging in the activities of life and thus supporting those in the other 3 ashramas by giving them what they need? And the same texts also make it clear that it is the responsibility of the married man to keep his wife satisfied (emotionally, socially, and sexually), so the question of sexual abstinence while being married does not arise (as long as it is not the wish of both the partners). This point has to be deliberated with great caution and without the bias and prejudice that colour our perceptions.
Iam sure more on this theme will follow.