Monday, August 27, 2007

Sing of Shiva - mantra 32

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

Once again, a pause in the flow of the blog - this time a month's gap. My apologies to those of you who have logged on in the meantime to see if there has been any posts only to find no updates. Sometimes, I feel like there is really no point in me writing or commenting on anything really. What does it matter what I (a miniscule spiritual intellect) have to say about anything of relevance? And when such thoughts take hold, there is a gap in the frequency of the posts. Yet, sometime later an urge to continue with my rants take hold. Caught in this wheel of alternation, the blog has an erratic heartbeat!
Anyway, now its in the '' feel like saying something'' phase - so here's an update with the next mantra (the 32nd) in the Thirumandiram series. At this rate, it might take me five hundred years to comment on the entire text - hopefully some of the energies of the accomplished siddhars will rub off me and give me the required five hundred years of time to do it some justice. You never know, by then we might all have spontaneous awareness of all things and it might not be relevant anymore what this author has to say!

தேவர் பிரான்நம் பிரான்திசை பத்தையும்
மேவு பிரான்விரி நீருலகேழையும்
தாவு பிரான்தன்மை தானறி வாரில்லை
பாவு பிரான்அருட் பாடலு மாமே. 32.
Sing Of Him
The Lord of Gods, and of ours too,
The Lord who all space pervades,
And the seven Worlds, ocean-bound, transcends;
None do know His nature true,
How then may we sing His Grace Divine?

ComThe Lord of Gods Siva is the Lord of all the Devas (Gods), and of ours too He is also the Lord of all the human beings. The Lord who all space pervades He pervades all the ten directions (up, down, north, north east, east, south east, south, south west, west, North West) around the jivas (beings). And the seven Worlds, ocean-bound, transcends He is beyond (has transcended) the seven worlds that are separated from each other by the vast oceans. None do know His nature true And yet, there are none who are able to comprehend His true nature. How then may we sing His Grace Divine How then would it be possible for us to sing His divine grace.

* As Siva is all pervading and yet beyond the reach of all, it is impossible to adequately understand His true nature – which is necessary if we were to sing His grace in a comprehensive manner. It is impossible to adequately explain (through language) the all pervasive and yet, transcendental nature of Siva.