Monday, July 10, 2006

Vyasa Pooja

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

As some of you would already know, today is Guru Pournami - The full moon day that is dedicated since time immemorial to the compassionate and enlightened souls that have been the lineage holders of the various Sanatana Dharma lineages. Traditionally considered to start from Vyasa the great Guru, the founder of the vedic lineage that has been gracing the world with its wisdom and love through a succession of wonderful masters.
Today, there are two things to be done. One's own Guru, Parama Guru and Parapara Guru etc and the entire lineage is to be thanked and praised - for without their compassion and grace, the spiritual growth is almost impossible for us, conditioned as we are by eons of vasanas. Gurus in general, from Dattatreya to Dakshinamurty, from Veda Vyasa to Sri Sri Ravishankar, from Bogar to Gorakkar, from Bhaskararaya to Krishna Chaitanya, they all have to be thanked today. It is the accumulated vibrations from all of their (varied) sadhana and other practices that become the drum beat of the rhythm of upliftment for this world.
The second thing to be done is the review of the entire year that has just passed. We have to become aware systematically of the journey (in spiritual terms) that we have gone through in the year gone by. And it is to be acknowledged that all this has been through the grace of the Guru. We then make plans for the next year to come (in spiritual terms again) and perhaps take the vows that will enforce our discipline to be able to accomplish the goals that we set for the year to come. And again, it is to be acknowledged that all this will be possible only through the continued grace of the Guru.
The guru of gurus, Shiva the Yogi beyond all yogis is to be contemplated in the heart. With His five faces. Each of them being the source for the flow of waves of wisdom and knowledge. Waves of love, encompassing All.
The guru of even that Maha Yogi, the Devi, Maha Tripurasundari, is to be contemplated as being within the disc of the luminous full moon. No invoking (avahana ceremony) is needed, as She is eternally present in all Her power in the full moon (as the aggregate of all the Kalas(nitya deities) in the 16th Kala). Through Her grace, this entire three fold universe (Tripura) will be the sporting ground for the devotee. Nothing, then would be impossible.

Let the grace and compassion of the Gurus and the Masters (wherever they are) shower upon all of you, like rain from the dark monsoon clouds. And may all of you feel refreshed by that shower like the body and mind of one who has taken a drought of the nectar of Immortality called Soma.
Om Tat Sat - Sarvam Sri GurudevatArpanamasthu. Om