Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Praise and be blessed - Mantra 36.

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
This is the thirty sixth mantra of the Thirumandiram.

அப்பனை நந்தியை ஆரா அமுதினை
ஒப்பிலி வள்ளலை ஊழி முதல்வனை
எப்பரி சாயினும் ஏத்துமின் ஏத்தினால்
அப்பரி சீசன் அருள்பெற லாமே. 36
36: Praise And Be Blessed
Oh, Heavenly Father, Nandi, the un surfeiting nectar sweet,
Oh, Bounteous One, Unequalled, First of Time!
Praise Him ever; and even as you praise,
So thine reward will also be.
Com - Nandi The Lord Nandi (Siva), Heavenly Father who is the origin of all life, the un surfeiting nectar sweet who is like the nourishing sweet nectar, that is never too much Unequalled who is unequalled in His splendour, Bounteous One who is ever generous in granting the wishes of those who wish, First of Time who is the primal Lord responsible for the dissolution of the world, Praise Him ever should always be praised through any method possible. and even as you praise And whichever method is employed in the worship of Siva, So thine reward will also be His grace shall be obtained, in accordance with the method followed, as the reward.

* The sage uses the words ‘any method possible’ to mean the following – That even if the Jgnayana yoga (the path of knowledge) which is considered as the best method, is not suitable to the individual, owing to its extremely subtle philosophies and difficult to attain states of mind, the seeker should employ the other methods to reach the goal. The other methods are: Charya (Order/vow), Kriya (path of right action), Yoga (path of union), Bhakti (path of devotion and surrender), etc. The methods above listed are different in their respective approach, and one among them will certainly be suitable to the seeker, depending on their individual level of accomplishment. He also makes clear that the rewards of the above methods also vary according to their disciplines.