Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of fire and water - Mantra 39 of the Thirumandiram

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

Catching up for lost time today! This is the 39th mantra from the first part of the Thirumandiram.

வாழ்த்தவல் லார்மனத் துள்ளுறு சோதியைத்
தீர்த்தனை அங்கே திளைக்கின்ற தேவனை
ஏத்தியும் எம்பெரு மான்என்றுஇறைஞ்சியும்
ஆத்தம் செய் தீசன் அருள்பெற லாமே. 39.
Adore And Attain Grace
He, the Divine Light, shining bright in devotee's heart,
He, of the Holy Waters, wherein He sports,
Him shall we praise, Him call, "Our Lord,"
And, thus adoring, His Grace attain. 39.

Com - He, the Divine Light, shining bright in devotee's heart He appears as the Light of consciousness in the hearts of those that praise him (with songs and chants) through their mouth. He, of the Holy Waters He redeems, the devoted, from sin, and in that He is like the Holy Waters (Theertham). wherein He sports He reveals Himself in the rarefied Akaashaa (Ether) and therein resides. Him shall we praise He is to be praised with adoration (like a mother, as father, guru etc) Him call, "Our Lord," and He is to be worshipped with respect (like Lord, Master, Ruler, etc). And, thus adoring, His Grace attain When He is thus sought with love and adoration, He becomes very easy to attain.

* When the sadhaka (devotee) thinks of the majestic glory of Siva and is overwhelmed by such thoughts, there arises a light in the mind. The perception of this light has to be consciously cultivated and increased manifold using the pure emotion of Love (towards Siva). When this light is cultivated, it causes the mind to be purified. The body and the mind feel extremely refreshed and rejuvenated and cool by the purifying effect of this light- which is compared to the feeling arising when the body has been cleansed by pure cool water(of the sacred spots – Theertham). Just as objects are purified by the contact with fire and water (traditionally) the mind of the devotee is to be purified by perception of the light (fire) and the rejuvenating and refreshing (holy water) waves of this light. The Bhakti margaa (path of devotion) is spoken of here.