Monday, February 18, 2008

Bliss denied - mantra 47

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
The forty seventh mantra of the Thirumandiram where the sage gives us a vital message with regard to immersing oneself in the external world. Much like the words of Bagavan Sri Krishna (to Arjuna) in the Gita, the sage is of the view that one should commit oneself only to that type of karma/actions as are required by one's ashrama or state of life. Beyond that, the sage recommends the devotee to be steadfast in the contemplation of Siva and be merged with Him at all times.

மனையுள் இருந்தவர் மாதவர் ஒப்பர்
நினைவுள் இருந்தவர் நேசத்துள் நிற்பர்
பனையுள் இருந்த பருந்தது போல
நினையாத வர்க்கில்லை நின்இன்பந் தானே. 47.
Bliss Denied
In Home is He, like Holy Men is He,
In Thought is He;
Like the kite concealed in the palm's leafy depths,
Your Bliss is for them alone who muse upon You steadfast. 47.

Com - In Home is He, like Holy Men is He the householder (Grihasta), who performs his duties while continuing to meditate and be attentive to Siva, is like the holy man who performs the greatest penance. In Thought is He While those who remain ever immersed in the thoughts of Siva (that is those who remain fixed in the state of dhyana or deep meditation) are merged in the (heart) Love of Siva. Like the kite concealed in the palm's leafy depths Just like the kite that remains hidden in the palm tree at all times, except when out hunting for food Your Bliss is for them alone who muse upon You steadfast the wise will have to immerse themselves in the world only when necessary and should remain steadfast in the deep meditation of Siva at all other times. Unless this is practised, it is not possible to attain to the Bliss that is Siva.

* When hungry, the kite comes out into the world and onto the ground in search of prey – after which (that is, after getting the food) it returns back to the leafy heights of the palm tree where it remains concealed (safe). Likewise, when the people of this world learn to be immersed in thoughts of the world when necessary (that is, for the purposes of satisfying ones natural necessities like food, sleep, etc and for the fulfilment of our obligations to others like family, children, parents, etc) and remain at other times in contemplation of Siva – they too will be safe (from the bonding and deluding effect of karma). Through the last line the sage points out that the effects of karma are overwhelming, and are likely to drag one into a complex web of repeated births. This situation he feels can only be remedied by participating in the world when necessary and being free from worldly desires at other times.