Thursday, March 13, 2008

Supreme path of Siva - mantra 54

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The fifty fourth mantra of the Thirumandiram continues in praise of the Vedas and emphasises that the supreme path shown by the Vedas includes the path of Siva or Siva yoga (thought by Thirumular) by describing and expounding on the philosophy of such yoga in the Upanishads.

திருநெறி யாவது சித்தசித் தன்றிப்
பெருநெறி யாய பிரானை நினைந்து
குருநெறி யாம்சிவ மாம்நெறி கூடும்
ஒருநெறி ஒன்றாக வேதாந்தம் ஓதுமே.54.4.
Supreme Path
The Holy Path is naught but the Path Supreme,
Who muse on the Lord, Himself the Path Supreme,
As Material-Immaterial, as Guru Divine,
They reach Siva's Pure Path-so Vedanta’s all declare.54.4.

ComThe Holy Path is naught but the Path Supreme The path of Siva, which is the holiest of all paths is, Who muse on the Lord where one thinks of the Lord who is beyond the As Material-Immaterial duality of knowledge and ignorance and Himself the Path Supreme is manifest as the Supreme state of Liberation. as Guru Divine It is to be found through the guidance of the Guru and They reach Siva's Pure Path it is the path capable of bestowing the realisation of Siva. so Vedanta’s all declare This holy path of Siva is spoken of as being the best of all paths, by the Upanishads.

* The Upanishads are called Vedanta (lit. End of Veda) – The final declarations made and affirmed after much discussion, deliberation, debate and inner meditation, on the various truths spoken of in the Vedas. Thus the Upanishads contain the ‘last word’ on all maters. So it is an accolade for the path of Siva to be spoken of as the highest path in the Upanishads.