Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some siddha poetry.

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

A couple of verses from the Siddha masters. The first one is from the writings of the siddha called Azhukuni siddar and the second one from the great master ThAyumAnavar.

The first verse speaks about the endless cycle of samsara and the method to overcome the disease of repeated birth and death.

The second verse speaks of the way one's mind is drawn tight by the lust and desire for union with women (spoken from the view of man) and how that creates and maintains bondage. I refrain from translating these verses into English (for the benefit of our non Tamil speaking readers) at this point and also encourage the native Tamil speakers to try and provide their own translation for these verses in the comments section.

This is part of a small experiment I wish to conduct here. I would love to see if the verses of the siddhas come across with their full meaning to all who read it. Or perhaps the verses will mean different things to different people depending on where they are at in terms of their spiritual and emotional maturity. Indulge me!

''பையூரிலே இருந்து பாமூரிலே பிறந்து
மெய்யூரில் போவதற்கு வேதாந்த விதி அரியேன்,
மெய்யூரில் போவதற்கு வேதாந்த வழியறிந்தால்
பையூரும் மையூரும் என் கண்ணம்மா பாழாய் முதியாதோ? ''

- அழுகுணிச் சித்தர்.

''தெட்டிலே வலியமட மாதர்வாய் வெட்டிலே
சிற்றிடையிலே நடையிலே
சேல்ஒத்த விழியிலே! பால்ஒத்த மொழியில்
சிறுபிறை நுதல்கீற்றிலே
பொட்டிலே அவர்கட்டு பட்டிலே புனைகந்த
பொடியொலே அடியிலே ! மேல்
பூரித்த முலையிலே நிற்கின்ற நிலையிலே
புந்தி தனை நுழயவிட்டூ. ''

- தாயுமானவர் .

PS. Small typo on line 6 of the second verse (these online Tamil typing things are confusing to use) . It should be punaigandha - podiyilE - and not podiyOle.


Confused Martian said...

I exist in the land of lies, I come from the land of sin. I know not the rules of Reality. For, if there be paths toward the Truth,
won't it shatter the dream,
My kohl-eyed darling?

I am not exactly sure what paiyur and paamur mean. I decided to let my imagination run wild there.

Caught in the corner of her succulent lips, in the curve of her slender hips, her stride, her stabbing eyes, her voice that flows like fresh milk, the crescent that adorns her forehead, her grace, her scent of heady musk, her arched heels, her proud breasts that stand tall, in the posture - the mind runs amok.

So, how did I score?

arvindiyer said...

I live in a wrong world, I come from a strange world, To move to a pure world, I think I know the path. If there is a so called path to the pure world, then my love I think won't your eyes show me the way?
- Azhuguni Siddhar.

The second passage has been so beautifully explained by the confused martian and I had pretty much the same visualization when I read it. :)

mooligai sidhan said...

sri gurubhyo namaha.

@confused martian
Good good.Gives me a lot of insight into your mind and belief system!I wont yet give out the score card - might put other folk off in their attempt to translate the meaning of the verses.

I will also wait a while to see if there are any more brave readers out there who will put their fingers to the keyboard and make an attempt here.Then it will be appropriate to say what the paioor and paamur etc mean.

Brilliant attempt!

mooligai sidhan said...

sri gurubhyo namaha.


In as much as the confused martian's take on the verses show me his belief that there is no path (in a fixed way)to the truth, your take shows me your firm belief in the idea of love and the romantic notions associated with it!
If only the eyes of the darling can show us the truth!!Infact what here is suggested by the siddha is precisely the opposite.The full explanation later when some others have (hopefully)made an attempt.

Anonymous said...

first I will introduce myself as a friend of kothai and kannan.i find ur blog quite unique and interesting.what i ve understood from the first poem is 'paiyur ' is womb of a woman .'paamoor', should it be'paazhoor'? i guess it is the earth in which we r born.'meyyoor' is the moksha the ultimate aim of any spiritualist.
i am not getting the meaning of maiyoor is it kajal of women's eyes?the poet is agonised that he did not know the proper rules to attain moksha? last line confuses me..ok keep blogging!-mrs.padma ashtekar