Wednesday, October 28, 2009

May I be Many.

Srigurubhyo namaha

Deep within the dark womb
of a galaxy far beyond -
Neither awake nor asleep,
Being, suspended before the advent of Time.
The raging fires burnt it not.
Eventual rays from a distant moon,
Excite. Rhythm rising to a hissing swoon.
Throbbing, fast building to the Boon.
Germ of Desire -
Born of Fire.
" May I be Many "!
Power, veils the wielder -
And energy appears as matter.
Ether, Breath, transforming Fire,
with Water and Earth, appear.
Worlds are born
like oak from acorn.
Golden Egg of universes vast
Resting place of worlds past.
'Father', some say, 'Mother', say some -
Some, they see deeper.
Seek! You will grow wiser.
Power veils the Wielder -
Energy appears as Matter.


Anonymous said...

Delightful.'power veils the wielder' is a superb way to illustrate the shakti&shaktiman concept.Keep writing!

mooligai sidhan said...

srigurubhyo namaha.
Thank you!Indeed, it is a metaphor for the tantric philosophy of the shakti and shaktimAn. At the same time it is also descriptive of mAyA (the power which makes multiplicity appear out of the One)- what in hinduism we call mithyA (illussion or the apparant appearance/reality of something which is really not there/unreal).
Hope you enjoy your visit to this space.

unpretentious said...

may i be many...yes, He must have said that...essence of the vedanta saying Thou art That from the view of That...