Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jupiter's transit into Pisces

sadgurupAdukA jayathI

Of the navagrahAs (9 planets/celestial bodies) that are taken into consideration in the vedic astrology (jyOthisha shAstrA), only four are considered to be benovalent or beneficial (shuba grahA). They are Jupiter (guru), Venus (shukra), Moon (chandrA) and Mercury (budhan). Out of the above four, the moon is split in its benefic effects - the waxing moon is beneficial and the waning moon is ashuba. Mercury too is varied in its benefic effects - when in conjunction/aspects with a beneficial or positive planet its effects are positive and when in conjunction/aspect with a malefic or negative planet its effects are negative. Thus we find that Jupiter and Venus are the only two totally beneficial (shuba grahAs) influences and the other five (i.e. sun,mars,Saturn, rAhu & kEtu) are considered to be entirely malefic (pApagrahAs).

Our Purana's mention Jupiter as the dEva guru (celestial preceptor) and Venus as the asura guru (preceptor of the demons). With this in mind, we can understand the saying '' குரு பார்க்க கோடி நன்மை '' (Infinite blessings accrue as a result of Jupiter's aspects), as guru or Jupiter is the most beneficial and spiritually brilliant influence on our lives.

It takes Jupiter nearly one year to move from one sign to the next. The sun moves this distance in one month,Saturn travels this distance in 2 and a half years and the moon in 2 and a half days. But as mentioned above it takes Jupiter about one year to move from one sign (travel through completely) to the next. The transit of Jupiter (benefic) and the transit of Saturn (malefic) are of great import in analysing the effects of the planets in a persons life and we traditionally see the phalam (fruits/effects) of these two transits in regular astrological publications as they are capable of being the agents of much change.

This years transit of Jupiter occurs on the 2nd of May (02 - 05 -10), Sunday at around 10:40pm IST, and during this transit he moves from kumbhA into meena rAsI (Pisces). Pisces is one of Jupiter's own houses (Sagittarius being the other own house of Jupiter). After entering Pisces on the 2nd of may, Jupiter will remain there until his next transit in may 2011, when he will enter mEsha rAsI (Aries). Jupiter is a very beneficial planet and his transits usually produce good results. The fact that this transit takes Jupiter into his own house (Pisces) is an added advantage - like a great double whammy or two for the price of one!! Planets usually produce dramatic results during transits and they are in a highly exalted state in their own abode.

Jupiter's presence in the 2, 5, 7,9 and 11th rAsi/house from ones own janma rAsI (natal moon sign) usually produces good results and his presence in the 3,6,8, and 12th house from the janma rAsi produces not so good results and when present in 1 (own janma rAsI),4 and 10th house produces results that are neither overly good or overly bad. This is a generic statement and due consideration has to be given for other planets and their aspects etc before full predictions of the results are offered.

As this transit brings Jupiter to a watery sign (Pisces) which is also his own sign, we can expect a considerable increase in our ability (both as individuals and as a collective society) to be empathic towards the pain and suffering of others. There will be an increase in tolerance and compassion towards others generally and an upsurge in spiritual activity and worship. Just as well - as this year 'vikruthI' in general is not so promising as there are trends suggesting jagatbhIthI (general fear and unrest in the world). At least with the celestial guru (Jupiter) fixed firmly in a great sign and aspecting the 5th, 7th and 9th signs from Pisces, we have plenty of good energy thrown in to the mix!

With prayers to the lotus like feet of the supreme guru dakshinAmUrthy, who is adidEvathA (god) of Jupiter, and with a million namaskArAs (prostrations) to the lotus feet of my own guru, I wish all of you all the very best of everything life has to offer. May this transit produce all the conditions necessary for each one of us to raise ourselves from our soul destroying negative patterns, and may all the obstacles to our personal spiritual and material growth over the coming year be removed through the overflowing compassion of the guru (Jupiter).

'' guravE sarva lOkAnAm bhIshajE bhava rOginAm
nidhayE sarva vidyAnAm dakshinAmUrthayE namaha ''