Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who are the siva siddhas - mantrA 124

srigurubhyO namahA
The 124th mantrA reveals more about the siva yOgin.

வெளியில் வெளிபோய் விரவிய வாறும்
அளியில் அளிபோய் அடங்கிய வாறும்
ஒளியில் ஒளிபோய் ஒடுங்கிய வாறும்
தெளியும் அவரே சிவ சித்தர் தாமே. I.1.12.124.

Who Are the Siva-Siddhas

Space intermingling with space,
Nectar drowning in nectar,
Light dissolving in light--
The elect are they, the Siva-Siddhas,
Who these splendid visions perceive. I.1.12.124.

Com - Space intermingling with space To know the AtmA which is an evolute of AkAshA or space merging into the cidAkAshA or the subtle ether which is the abode of siva, Nectar drowning in nectar, To know the will (icchA) of the jIvA dissolving in the will of siva, Light dissolving in light – To know the light of the jIvA dissolving in the light of siva The elect are they, the siva – siddhas, Who these splendid visions perceive. Those who know by means of refined intellect (the above) are known as the siva siddhArs. Only they are the knowers of siva.

# The term ‘aLiyil aLipOi adangudhal’ translated as ‘nectar drowning in nectar’ refers to the combined icchA (desire/ will), j~nyAnA (knowledge) and kriyA (active energy) of the individual jIvA merging into the combined icchA, j~nyAnA and kriyA of the supreme siva. The sage comments here on those special beings who are entitled to be known as the siva siddars. Through a highly clarified intellect/ awareness which in itself is a result of many practises, the siva yOgin is able to intuitively understand the truth that the AtmA or (individual) self merges with the siva or cosmic self in the highly subtle cidAkAshA. Not only are they able to understand this, they are forever engaged in the experience of this merger.

The second line of this verse also points to the state of the siddA. When the tri fold modification of the individuals energy (as icchA, j~nyAnA and kriyA) is existent it incites the jIvA into performing actions, which in turn lead to the fruits of those actions (such as heaven, hell, re birth etc). However in the case of the siva yOgin, these energies have been elevated to the heights of siva and are then dissolved into the same icchA etc of sivA. Thus the will of siva is the will of the siva yOgin. That is, they remain without any desires or activities for themselves. Instead they act as one with siva.