Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unseen states.

srigurubhyO namahA |

Apologies as always to those of you who have been regularly checking this site in the last while for updates - It is always my intention to keep continuing here with the thirumandiram series. Hopefully it will come to fruition soon.

In the meantime......

Drinking from rivers of blood, the wages of sin.
The Giants war rages against the Jinn.
A grey haired Wizard, whose words deliver -
The soul from bondage, cutting all ties asunder.

As his whisper reaches the unborn self within
Dreams and delusions are traded for visions of the One within.
The sight remains unchanged;
Yet, the seer is no longer deranged.
The seer, seen and seeing,
Into unseen states, ever dissolving.

Drinking now from rivers of wine, the wages of looking within.