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Silentness of waveless thought - mantrA 134

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The 134th mantrA reveals that the wordless teachings of the guru tattvA are perceptible only when the thought waves of the mind are silenced. The sage also highlights the fact that the guru is present always in the heart and mind of the sincere disciple.

புரைஅற்ற பாலினுள் நெய்கலந் தாற்போல்
திரைஅற்ற சிந்தைநல் ஆரியன் செப்பும்
உரையற்று உணர்வோர் உடம்பிங்கு ஒழிந்தால்
கரையற்ற சோதி கலந்தசத் தாமே. I.1.22.134.

Like the ghee subtly latent in purest milk,
Into the waveless Thought the Lord in silentness speaks;
They who, in silentness realise, this mortal coil shuffled,
Purity they become, in Limitless Light mingling. I.1.22.134.

Com - Like the ghee subtly latent in purest milk, Like ghee which is present subtly all-over in milk that has not yet been heated, Into the waveless Thought the Lord So too is the sadguru present everywhere in the mind (of the disciple) which is free from the conflicting waves of thought. in silentness speaks;They who, in silentness realise, And those who listen to the words of the guru spoken as upadEshA and cultivate their spiritual intelligence, this mortal coil shuffled, will eventually be able to transform this mortal body of theirs in this physical world Purity they become, in Limitless Light mingling. By merging into the limitless effulgence, they become pure (with sattvA preponderance) and remain as siva.

# The great secret of sampradAyA (spiritual lineage) which reveals how the guru and the sishyA or disciple are one and the same is being indicated here. Like ghee which remains mingled subtly everywhere in unheated milk, the guru too is present subtly everywhere within the sishyA. When through the practise of pratyAhArA etc, the sishyA should cultivate quietude of mind. And when the mind is free from the repeated onslaught of thought waves, then it will be possible for the adept to experience how the guru tattvA remains within.

This guru tattvA or guru will reveal the necessary truths for the adept to recognise their self and the true nature of the soul, this phenomenal world and the lord (the pashu, pAsA and the pati). The proper sishyA who then begins to cultivate the necessary practises with the utmost diligence will begin the process of transformation.

The ‘silentness speaks’ in the original refers to the fact that this upadEshA of the guru tattvA is something that is different to the physical level where words are necessary. Like the supreme dakshinAmUrthy, the guru tattvA discourses in pure silence (maUnA) and the proper disciple who has cultivated the right virtues and faculties will then be able to hear this upadEshA in the silence of his heart and mind. The adept begins to hear this voice prompting him onward on the right path when he has silenced the waves of thought that occur endlessly in the mind. Thus the sishyA will be guided till he obtains the highest reward – whereby even in this physical world, he is able to eventually transform his mortal body into a body of pure consciousness. One that is immortal. One that is pure light – obtained as a result of merging into the limitless effulgence of siva.

Thus the sishyA who is fortunate enough to have obtained a true and proper guru will cross over this vast ocean of samsArA and remain as a nityapurushA.

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