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Wealth is a boat in dangerous waters - mantrA 173

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In the 173rd mantrA the sage makes a veiled reference to vajroli sAdhanA or the practise of the conservation of the male sexual fluid to increase longevity and spiritual growth.

மகிழ்கின்ற செல்வமும் மாடும் உடனே
கவிழ்கின்ற நீர்மிசைச் செல்லும் கலம்போல்
அவிழ்கின்ற ஆக்கைக்கோர் வீடுபே றாகச்
சிமிழொன்று வைத்தமை தேர்ந்தறி யாரே. I.3.6.173

How fast we cling to stock of cattle and riches gay
Less stable even than the boat which midstream upturns!
They but see the dissolving body and know not
The Binding Knot to salvation eternal. I.3.6.173

Com - How fast we cling to stock of cattle and riches gay the two kinds of material wealth; that which has been inherited from ones ancestors and that which has been earned through one’s own efforts, which we take such enjoyment from Less stable even than the boat which midstream upturns! Are akin to the boat that topples midstream when up against the current (i.e.unstable and unreliable). They but see the dissolving body though we see very clearly that this body is perishable and life is short The Binding Knot to salvation eternal. We do not take the necessary steps to conserve the higher wealth we possess body and know not and thus do not know the method to attain immortality.

*This mantra though primarily aimed at pointing out the unreliability of material riches, contains another veiled reference to vajroli or the method to conserve the semen. This is a central theme in the siddha tradition and there are entire manuals devoted to the various components of the practise. Though it will be beyond the scope to explain the practise details here, it might be of interest to the serious reader to know something of what is being said here. The word ‘simizh pOl’ in the last line refers to saving, conservation etc. It is also suggestive of a jewel box/ treasure chest etc. The sage advices the sincere seeker to give up his pursuit of mere material riches, for they are unreliable and would lead us to difficulty. Instead we must learn to cultivate and conserve the real wealth – i.e. the life force which is equated physically to the sexual energy and semen. If this physical semen was conserved and the necessary yOgic practises followed, then it is possible that this bodily fluid can be transmuted into a quasi energetic field. In the brain, there is a region which is symbolised by a small jewel box. This box is normally said to be closed (i.e. these powers are latent) and through the conservation of the semen it is possible to unlock this box. When opened it is said to contain wonderous and brilliant gems, whose raiant effulgence will transform the semen into light. The sthUla vindhu/ shuklam is transformed into para vindhu /shuklam. This light semen is again assimilated into the physical body, which transforms the gross body into a super natural body – one that is capable of ‘jumping over’ even death!

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