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All your wealth cannot bribe death away - mantrA 176

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Extending the remit of this short section detailing the transience of wealth, the sage gives the disciple the instruction to begin his spiritual quest 'right now'. There is no better time, and it is a matter of great urgency. One must wake up to truth!

உடம்போடு உயிரிடை விட்டோ டும் போது
அடும்பரிசு ஒன்றில்லை அண்ணலை எண்ணும்
விடும்பரி சாய்நின்ற மெய்ந்நமன் தூதர்
சுடும்பரி சத்தையுஞ் சூழகி லாரே. I.3.9.176

When the vital spark leaves this mortal mould,
Bribe be none to lure it back; think, think of the Lord;
Death's loyal servants on restless mission bent,
Do nothing consider that with hot breath you pulse. I.3.9.176

Com - When the vital spark leaves this mortal mould, when it is time for the life force to take leave of this mortal body Bribe be none to lure it back; there is nothing to be done that can avoid or overcome death. think, think of the Lord; (at the time of death) think, contemplate and recite the name of the Lord. Death's loyal servants on restless mission bent, For the true and loyal messengers of Death are fixed on only one prize – that of separating the soul and the body. Do nothing consider that with hot breath you pulse. Hence they are not intent on the prize of tormenting or causing anguish and pain.

*In the last mantra of this sub section, the sage gives us some last resort instructions! When it is time for one to die, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. One’s wealth and power etc or learning, one’s family and children etc are not capable of stopping the messengers of death from carrying out their mission – which is separating the soul from the body. If one has been ignorant of the supreme reality all through life and has spent it in the pursuit of riches and sensory pleasures, then it is too late (at the time of death) for commencing yOgic sAdhanA to defeat death. Thus for the ‘average’ layperson with no spiritual path, his advice is to face death with the name of the Lord on his lips and His thoughts fixed in the mind. The last line of the verse suggests that it is only the contemplation of siva at the time of death that will help one overcome at least the pain and trauma of death. This is perhaps the next best thing to overcoming death. At least this will enable the jIvA to die with dignity and the focus of the mind on the supreme principle will orient the passing soul to a future life which might be more conducive to realising the supreme.

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