Thursday, October 03, 2013

Lord is the light beyond visible reach - mantrA 194

srigurubhyO namahA |
Here is the 194th mantrA which can be better understood in context with the previous one. A beautiful verse, poetic and concise.

இன்புறு வண்டிங்கு இனமலர் மேற்போய்
உண்பது வாச மதுபோல் உயிர்நிலை
இன்புற நாடி நினைக்கிலும் மூன்றொளி
கண்புற நின்ற கருத்துள்நில் லானே. I.5.8.194

The bee, that nectar seeks, flies high for its flower on top
And there, alone, it sucks the fragrant juice;
Even so, they who seek the blessed grace divine,
Aspire for the Light beyond visible reach of eyes. I.5.8.194

Com - The bee, that nectar seeks, flies high for its flower on top (Akin to) the honey bee that flits around in search of nectar and flocks to where the flowers bloom And there, alone, it sucks the fragrant juice; and feeds on the fragrant pollen of various flowers. Even so, they who seek the blessed grace divine, (are those ignorant people) who instead of seeking bliss by contemplating the hidden lotus within Aspire for the Light beyond visible reach of eyes search outside for that supreme bliss that is present (within) as the effulgence of the sOmasUryAgni mandala. They do not understand that the supreme light is beyond the reach of the mind which flows ever outward.

*When read together with the previous mantra, we can understand the import of this verse. That the practise of pratyAhArA or sense withdrawal/ sense control is essential for the sivayOgA path mentioned above.  The bee is led to the various flowers through the fragrance and attractive colours of the different blossoms and flits from bush to bush distracted by their appearance and smell. Similarly, the agitated and untrained mind is ever flowing outward. Distracted as it is by the sights and smells of the material world it is never a fit receptacle to be filled with the nectar of siva realisation. For, such a mind is deluded about the real nature of bliss, and blinded by this delusion continues to search outside for something that is hidden within. When the mind is stilled through proper practise, it is possible to tread the path of sivayOgA and attain grace. Otherwise, this life (short as it is) is simply wasted in the pursuit of simple and momentary pleasures.

thirucchitrambalam ||


Anonymous said...

what should one do to search within?

what should one follow?

what should one practice?

What should one be?

Swami, pl let this poor boy know.

RV Ram vishwa

mooligai sidhan said...

srigurubhyO namahA |

@ RV,
Sir, there is no single answer to your questions - they are very subjective and much depends on the individual concerned and the path that one chooses to follow.
It is not as if there is something to search within oneself - what needs to be done is to quieten the non stop outward movement of the indriyAs or sense instruments. What is inside is always there and has been there always too, only we never paid any attention to it as we are always preoccupied with what is going on outside in the everyday world.
The siddars call the perfect state of being ' summa irutthal ' or simply being. This does not mean just sitting lazily, though it means that one must sufficiently disengage from the idea of 'doership' and simply be. This effortless state is also known as sahajAvasthA.
The mind cannot be stilled that easily, its nature like water is to continually flow. But it is possible to reverse this normally outward flow to flow inward and then one can utilise the instrument of mind much more efficiently to transform oneself into a better person.
Hope this helps.

mooligai sidhan said...

Coincidentally, the next mantrA speaks about finding the right path that is suited to one and treading it till the end!