Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Sri Rudram

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

From the Sri Rudram which occurs in the Krishna Yajur Veda and is the hymn to beat all hymns and the favourite of Shiva!

''Aayam me hastho bhagavaanayam me bhagavattara,
Ayam me viswa beshajo ayam shivaabhimarsana.''

This my hand is my God,
This is higher than God to me,
This is the medicine for all sickness to me.
For this touches Shiva and worships him.
''OM namo bhagavathe rudraaya vishnave mruturme paahi,
Praanaanaam grandhi rasi rudro vishaanthakaThenaa annena aapya swa.''
Om, my salutations to God,
Who is everywhere,
And to the Rudra
Let not death come near me.
You Rudra who lives in the junction of the soul and senses,
I pray to you who destroy everything, to be within me,
And due to that be satisfied,
With the food that I take as offering.


shakthi said...

having learned to recite the rudram and flipped through an odd translation or two, i must say your version strikes a new chord, and brings it closer to my understanding.
thanks for bringing us light. to half-baked spiritual aspirants like myself it means a great deal more than words can express.

mooligai sidhan said...

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
@ Shakthi
I have to say that the quoted translation of the Rudram is not my own. But yes, like you I have also gone through different translations and found this to be accurate both in the actual meaning and also the flow of language.
No thanks at all required for the posts in this blog - they are but another half baked spiritual aspirant's rambles. No more, no less!

shivashakthi said...

Please do pass on the name of publication/author/title , that i might at long last have the meaning of the Great Rudram in its entirety.

if i may,i strongly object to you calling yourself half-baked, for that would make me quarter-baked or even less by law of proportion:)

mooligai sidhan said...

I will indeed. I think that its actually from an online source and not an 'actual' book. Will pass on the details via this comment box when I have the url.
Half baked I am - even if that makes you feel less than quarter baked! If it makes you feel any better though : I think, anything less than full baked is really the same - NOT full baked:)whether it is three quarters baked or half or quarter...all the same:not baked!