Saturday, June 14, 2008

The eight nathas - mantra 68

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

Back again to the Thirumandiram and my apologies to the regular readers for the delay in this the next instalment. In this mantra the sage refers to the science pertaining to the ascension of kundalini.

நந்தி அருளாலே நாதனாம் பேர்பெற்றோம்
நந்தி அருளாலே மூலனை நாடினோம்
நந்தி அருளாவ தென்செயும் நாட்டினில்
நந்தி வழிகாட்ட நானிருந் தேனே. 2.4.68
Eight Nathas
By Nandi's Grace I, His Masters elect,
By Nandi's Grace I Primal First sought;
By Nandi's Grace, what can I perform not?
Nandi guiding, I here below remained. 2.4.68

Com – By Nandi's Grace I, His Masters elect It is only through the grace of Siva that I attained to the state of being the Guru (master). By Nandi's Grace I Primal First sought It is only through His grace that I approached the Siva called Rudra, present in the Muladhara lotus (Root chakra). By Nandi's Grace, what can I perform not? In this world, there is nothing that can not be attained or accomplished with the grace of Siva. Nandi guiding, I here below By Siva Himself showing me the path, I was able to ascend from the Muladhara (at the root) to the Sahasrara on the top of the head. remained And there (in the Sahasrara) I remained.

* It is to be understood from the above mantra that the reference to the ‘Mulan’ (Primal First) signifies the Deva present in the Muladhara or Root chakra. Each chakra has its own presiding divinity – and Rudra is present as the Swayambhu (self originated) Lingam in the Muladhara lotus. The sage comments on the ascension of the Kundalini, from Muladhara to the Sahasrara, mentioning that with the grace of Siva it is possible for the sadhaka to proceed from the root to the top of the head and remain there merged in the bliss of union with Siva. The deeply mystical and often concealed science pertaining to the awakening and the subsequent ascension of the kundalini is referred to here and the sage further mentions that such a process becomes natural and free from fear where Siva Himself assumes the role of the guide.