Saturday, June 14, 2008

The seven disciples - mantra 69

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The sixty ninth mantra of the Thirumandiram details the names of the seven disciples of Thirumular who form part of his parampara or lineage.

மந்திரம் பெற்ற வழிமுறை மாலாங்கன்
இந்திரன் சோமன் பிரமன் உருத்திரன்
கந்துருக் காலாங்கி கஞ்ச மலையனோடு
இந்த எழுவரும் என்வழி யாமே. 3.4.69.
Seven Disciples
By merit of instruction imparting,
Malangan, Indiran, Soman and Brahman,
Rudran, Kalangi and Kancha-malayan,
These seven in my line successive come. 3.4.69.

ComBy merit of instruction imparting The lineage of those, through whom, the Thirumandiram has been initiated is as follows. Malangan, Indiran, Soman and Brahman, Rudran Malangan, Indiran, Soman, Brahman, Rudran, Kalangi and Kancha-malayan the unshakable Kalangi, and Kanjamalayan. These seven in my line successive come The above named seven are the students who have followed in the same lineage as me.

* Through the above mantra the sage names the initiates who have followed in the same lineage. Here in this mantra the sage lists the names of seven disciples who followed him and who were initiated into the wisdom and science of the Thirumandiram. In a separate verse earlier the sage detailed the names of the masters who formed part of the parampara or lineage of gurus before him. Here he details the masters of the same lineage who came after Thirumular.