Saturday, July 17, 2010

Night and day yearn for Him - mantrA 94

srigurubhyO namahA
The 94th mantrA is the last one in this section titled 'thirumUlar varalAru', where the sage reveals further about his state of being.

பிதற்றுகின் றேனென்றும் பேர்நந்தி தன்னை
இயற்றுவன் நெஞ்சத்து இரவும் பகலும்
முயற்றுவன் ஓங்கொளி வண்ணன்எம் மானை
இயற்றிகழ் சோதி இறைவனு மாமே. 22.5.94.

Night And Day Yearn For Him
Unceasing, I prattle daily Nandi's name,
By day praise Him in thought and ;by night as well,
Daily I yearn for my Master, the Light-Hued,
The Lord of the uncreated Radiant Flame. 22.5.94.

Com - Unceasing, I prattle daily Nandi's name I am ever involved in singing the praises of the One who goes by the name Nandi By day praise Him in thought and; by night as well, daily I remain in meditation, day and night keeping Him (nandi) in my heart. Daily I yearn for my Master, the Light - Hued, I strive constantly to reach/merge my Lord and master, the One who is self luminous (swayam prakAsha) The Lord of the uncreated Radiant Flame He is ever existent, naturally in the form of pure light.

* The word 'pidhatrudhal' in the tamil original translated as prattle signifies a state of Ecstasy born of deep devotion and communion with the supreme. In this state the experiencer speaks of things that are contextual and those that are totally out of context. A kind of a divine madness akin to the experiences described by the sufi mystics in wonderful poetry.

The above mantrA is fairly simple in that the words are not used with an intention to convey multiple layers of meaning. The simple message of the mantrA is that the sage remained always engaged in the thoughts of sivA, he spoke always (both when in context and when outside the context) of sivA, and remained ever immersed in the meditation of sivA as the supreme effulgence -i.e. jyOthi swarUpA .

This mantrA forms the close of the fifth sub division of the first tantrA of the thirumandiram. The next sub division is (the sixth) titled ' avai adakkam' which is a traditional style which speaks highly of all the virtues of the Lord while at all times bearing in mind one's own limitedness. It is an expression of humility.
Here ends the 94th mantrA of the invocation of the thirumandiram and with it the fifth sub division termed ' thirumUlar varalAru'.