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Body is a fragile frame - mantrA 161

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In the 161st mantrA the sage gives us an indication that though by its own nature this body is perishable, there are methods through which this can be changed. There are yOgic methods through which it is possible to transform this physical body into a body that is made of light and one that can live for extraordinary lengths of time. This verse is where the upAyA or the remedy for the problem (namely the body's transitory nature) is being suggested.

மேலும் முகடில்லை கீழும் வடிம்பில்லை
காலும் இரண்டு முகட்டலக் கொன்றுண்டு
ஓலையான் மேய்ந்தவர் ஊடு வாயாமை
வேலையான் மேய்ந்ததோர் வெள்ளித் தளிகையே. I.2.19.161
No roofing above nor standing ground below,
Two legs to support and a central beam athwart,
Rudely thatched on top but unlined within,
An empty vessel, in Karmic garb enwrapt. I.2.19.161

Com - No roofing above This human body comparable to a house is one which does not have a roof above it nor standing ground below, nor does it have a proper and firm floor below. Two legs to support But, it does have two legs that support it somewhat and a central beam athwart, and a central column like spinal chord. Rudely thatched on top but unlined within, And being such a structure, it has been thatched patchily and without proper consideration to protect it from the elements. An empty vessel, in Karmic garb enwrapt But when the workmen have done a proper job, then it is brilliant white and like a wonderful temple.

*The sage is on the first stance speaking of the bodies of the average human being and in the last line of the verse he speaks of the body of the enlightened human being. The upper roof refers to the crown of the head (sahasrArA) and the firm ground below refers to the lower body (mUlAdhArA). The two legs refers to the twin nAdIs or energy channels known as idA and pingalA and the central column of the spine refers to the central nAdi known as sushumnA. The term ‘rudely thatched’ refers to the average human who lacks any awareness of these inner energy conduits, psychic centres etc and spends his entire life thinking that he is merely the body. On the other hand, to the yOgi who is aware of these aspects and is actively pursuing methods and practises that will encourage and maintain the flow of consciousness in the sushumnA or the central channel (instead of through the alternating two idA and pingalA) the pattern of the flow of energy is reversed and transformed. This transformation then results in the manifestation of the silvery white body of light compared above to the wonderful white temple. Thus the body perishes and undergoes death due to the fact that the consciousness has not been made to flow through the central nAdi known as sushumnA. If such a state (of remaining in the sushumnA) was attained through the practise of yOgA and other techniques, the mortality of this body can be reversed.

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