Monday, September 01, 2008

Agamic truths in Tamil - mantra 81

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The eighty first mantra of the Thirumandiram asks a very important question - what besiges people to take on many and repeated births?

பின்னைநின்று என்னே பிறவி பெறுவது
முன்னைநன் றாக முயல்தவம் செய்கிலர்
என்னைநன் றாக இறைவன் படைத்தனன்
தன்னைநன் றாகத் தமிழ்செய்யு மாறே. 9.5.81.
Agamic Truths In Tamil
What availeth thee now to be born,
If to the Lord, the mead of penance you deny?
The Lord made me, my task assigned,
In sweetest Tamil His Glory to expound. 9.5.81.

ComWhat availeth thee now to be born,What is the reason for many to hesitatingly suffer future births? If to the Lord, the mead of penance you deny? It is because they did not attempt their best to perform pure penance and worship in their past lives. (Because I performed pure and true penance) The Lord made me, my task assigned, the Lord bestowed me with true wisdom and graced me with this birth, In sweetest Tamil His Glory to expound so that I may compose this Agama in praise of Siva in the sweet language called Tamil.

* It is to be noted here that the Tamil language was already flourishing before the arrival of Thirumoolar to the Tamil country. But there were no texts in Tamil script that revealed and explained the great Agamic truths – they were available only in the Sanskrit script. It is to be understood that Thirumandiram is the first text that explained the Agamas and their essence in the Tamil language. (Refer 87 and 90). Through the above mantra the author tells us that his birth, through which he expounded the agamas in Tamil, was a result of penance performed in his previous lives.


Jey said...

Hi, I am so glad that I have got into your blog of translating Thirumandiram with its meanings. Its been a long term desire for me to understand the meaning of it and get the benefit out of it. Even few days back I was asking my friend where will I get all the translations and meaning of Thirumoolar's Thirumandiram. I believe it is the blessing of Lord Shiva himself has shown me the path by your blog. Thank you so much for the good work and please keep posting as much as you can. Sincerely, Jey

mooligai sidhan said...

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
Welcome to the blog!I am glad to hear that you were 'directed' here by the grace of Nandhi/Shiva to find out more about the Thirumandiram.
Indeed, it is a treatise which would benefit each and every soul which spent some time studying it. I hope that you will find more context and meaning to the mantras here and that we will continue to hold your readership!
If there are any doubts/ clarifications needed for mantras pls ask in the comments section or just email.


Jey said...


Thank for your response and your willingness to help me understand our great treasure of Thirumandiram. As I am not sure when you blogs would be posted, with few days intervals I am checking on your blogs and today I found that you have posted two more mantras 82 and 83. Thank you again.


mooligai sidhan said...

Sadguru pAdhukA jayathi!
@ Jey
Though I try to update the blog as regularly as I can,sometimes its a bit random.

One thing though is that we dont follow Thirumulars example by revealing one mantra each year;)

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