Tuesday, September 09, 2008

From Kailash to Earth - mantra 83

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

A beautiful mantra occurs as the eighty third mantra and it describes the astral journey undertaken by Thirumular to reach this our earth from the lofty heights of Kailash in the Himalayas. One of my personal favourites!

செல்கின்ற வாறறி சிவமுனி சித்தசன்
வெல்கின்ற ஞானத்து மிக்கேள் முனிவராய்ப்
பல்கின்ற தேவர் அசுரர்நரர் தம்பால்
ஒல்கின்ற வான்வழி யூடுவந் தானே. 11.5.83.
From Kailas To Earth
I sought the way countless Devas, Asuras, humans take
To scale the heights; all wisdom conquered;
Thus a Shiv Muni I grew and Siddha true,
Came down here through the cerulean blue. 11.5.83

ComTo scale the heights, Came down here On my way down from the great Kailash (the Himalayan abode of Siva) a Shiv Muni I grew I came thinking and meditating on Siva. all wisdom conquered Siddha true I was a great muni (sage) versed in the knowledge of conquering the Siddha named Manmatha (God of Desire). through the cerulean blue I came down here (to earth) through the astral pathway in the sky, I sought the way countless Devas, Asuras, humans take similar to the sky that resides in its subtle aspect in the (thirty three crore) Devas, Asuras and humans.

* Sivan Muni means one who meditates and thinks of Siva constantly. Conquering the Sidhasan (line one) means the knowledge capable of winning/ conquering Kama or Desire. Through the above mantra, the author tells us that he came down to earth from the abode of Siva by travelling through the astral pathway in the sky.