Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gossamer Dreams - Threads of Illusion

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

'' Searching through the fabric of Eternity
In vain.
Countless wombs of endless diversity
And pain.
The One is Two and the Two become Many
Yet again.
Nothing to lose and nothing here to gain,
Joy is a dream and so is the pain.

Standing beyond, the Triad laid bare
The prize, for those only who dare.
With vision -
Of a kingdom beyond Delusion.
Expansive states of shining Mind -
Fruits of untying the threads that bind.
Ye, luminous dancing Dragon flies -
Now Red, now White, then shining bright
Until the torrential descent of Light.

Spirit to Matter and Matter to Spirit
The fools cry 'Fate', while the wise say 'Merit'.
The wheel keeps on turning, day and night
Churned by the yearning, there is no end in sight.
Yesterdays deeds make Tomorrows seeds
Consumer now but later the Feed.
An eternal past and immortal future -
Compassion of God or is this my torture ?

All is clear when I kindle the flame,
There is nothing to see and no one to blame.
O Butterfly wings
And gypsy rings -
Hark, the birth of the King of Kings.

THAT I AM - There is no other any
The One is Two and the Two become Many.''


Confused Martian said...

I would have thought that the two is two and two becomes many! I am attracted to dhvaitham more I suppose.

Is the King of Kings 'me'? Or is it me at a cosmic level?

mooligai sidhan said...

sri gurubhyo namaha.

@confused martian

dwaita does not necessarily mean dual (though the word meaning is such).The term dual implies multiplicity (i.e.not one).

The two are but the two sides of the same thing.The shiva and shakti are as inseperable as fire and the heat from it or the shabda(word)and its arthA (meaning).Thus they really are one.Like the two sides (heads/tails)of a coin does not make us think there are 2 coins,the pair that is shiva and shakti are never seperate.

The king of kings is 'I' at the purnAhamtA level.This is acchived when the 'I'which has been identified with the body mind complex is dissolved in the 'I' that is self or atman.

PS. All are attracted to and by dvaita or multiplicity.That is what multiplicity is meant to do!Advaita or non-dual being is not something that produces excitement or attachment, it merely is.

Anonymous said...

Who is the poet who spouted this verse?
don't keep it secret, or damsels will curse......

mooligai sidhan said...

sri gurubhyo namaha.

The poet?Nay, the seer -
damsels curse,he does not fear.
To some a siddhan,
To others the pitthan.
Himself,the mooligaisidhan!

mooligai sidhan said...

sri gurubhyo namaha.

@anonymous (again!)

Revealed through grace
Seen only from outside the race.
Dear friend anonymous,
I suspect ties between us?

ananda said...

beautiful flow, intense finding ...

Anonymous said...

If it's a tie, it's not one that binds,
If we are all One, then aren't we all bound to one another,

..speaking of which

why don't you invite us to your Soma Rasa feast?
Or would you alone drink while we watch with our tongues a-hanging,
Like mongrels before the Master's meal.

mooligai sidhan said...

sri gurubhyo namaha.


How is a tie,one that does not bind?If it does not bind, it is not a tie at all!

If we are all One,then where is the question of anything being bound to anything else at all??And if we are all One,where is one and where is another?

Re the invitation to the Soma rasa feast, I hereby officially invite you (please feel free to bring a friend!)to the Soma party! Bring your self and your own Soma.God, I dont believe I just did that - and I dont even know your name;)

Let the juice of purity,truth and discrimination pour forth from the higher regions!