Saturday, August 21, 2010

All Gods are but the One siva - mantrA 109

srigurubhyO namahA

In this the 109th mantrA the sage echoes the words of the vEdAs in declaring the supremacy of siva and describes the all pervading nature of the supreme.

வானவர் என்றும் மனிதர் இவர் என்றும்
தேனமர் கொன்றைச் சிவனருள் அல்லது
தானமர்ந்து ஓரும் தனித்தெய்வம் மற்றில்லை
ஊனமர்ந் தோரை உணர்வது தானே. 7.9.109.

All Gods Are But The One Siva

Devas here be none, nor humans that breathe,
Save for Siva's grace, Siva in honeyed-Konrai decked;
No other God could dwell in the silence of your soul,
Other Gods you worship, know they but mortals be.7.9.109.

Com - Devas here be none, nor humans that those that are known as the dEvAs (celestial beings) and those that are known as humans (us mortals) breathe, Save for Siva’s grace, Siva in honeyed – Konrai decked; cannot exist without the overwhelming grace of siva, the lord who is decorated with a bunch of beautiful konrai flowers overflowing with nectar. No other God could dwell in the silence of your soul, (Apart from siva) There is no other God who is present naturally within each and every one of us and who is self-aware as consciousness is aware of itself. Other Gods you worship, know they but mortals be. ( The truth is) It is the One siva who manifests as the Three (trinity), the Five (with mahEswarA and sadAsiva) and who exists as different and transcendent to all these (in the body). Know this to be the truth.

* Mentioning that the immortals (dEvAs) and the mortals (humans) are all existing in their respective bodies in their respective worlds only due to the grace and agency of siva, the sage reveals an important truth. He mentions that it is the One supreme principle siva, who exists as the Self in all, be they mortals or immortals.

In the mahAnArAyana anuvAkA of the purusha suktA, (antar bahishcha tat sarvam…..) we see the description of this supreme principle. Inside, outside, above, below, to the front and the back, pervading everything, the supreme is everywhere. A reflection as it were of this supreme is the jIvAtman, residing in the innermost cavity of the heart. This is siva. The sage here echoes the same truth and declares that it is the One siva who is present as the Self of all in the various worlds.

The Three as stated in a previous mantra exist in different locations within the body (manipUrA, swAdishtAnA and mUlAdhArA) and the Five occupy the same 3 seats plus the anAhatA (mahEswarA) and vishuddhi (sadAsivA). And as stated before these Three and Five are but manifestations of the One siva, who exists as all of these by pervading them and is also transcendent to the at the same time (residing in the sahasrArA or crown). It is the One siva who is known variously as Atman, Self, braHman etc. And He should be known and realised through His own grace.