Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trinity -- One Continuity - mantrA 104

srigurubhyO namahA

The next mantrA in this section speaks of the functions of the trimUrthi's (trinity) and highlights the fact that they are ever engaged in the performance of their duties as instructed by siva. Though on the very obvious front this mantrA speaks of the deities per se, it is also descriptive of the inner chakrA system as the deities themselves represent energetic principles in one level.

ஆதிப் பிரானும் அணிமணி வண்ணனும்
ஆதிக் கமலத்து அலர்மிசை யானும்
சோதிக்கில் மூன்றும் தொடர்ச்சியில் ஒன்றெனார்
பேதித் துலகம் பிணங்குகின் றார்களே. 2.9.104.

Trinity--One Continuity

He, the Being First, and He, the Emerald-hued,
And He of the glowing, original Lotus-seat--
Are these three separate or one continuous whole?
Thus the world in divisions many wrangle! 2.9.104.

Com - He, the Being First, rudrA the divinity in the first seat known as the mUlAdhArA (root chakra), and He, the Emerald-hued, Vishnu the one who is possessed of the hue of pure sapphire {the tamil word ‘animani vannan’ means the colour of the blue gem, which I translate in the commentary as sapphire. However the English verse describes this as the Emerald hued}And He of the glowing, original Lotus – seat – and braHma, who is seated in the swAdishtAna (sacral chakra) lotus which is responsible for creation. Are these three separate or one continuous whole? Thus the world in divisions many wrangle! The people of the world in their ignorance do not understand the connection between the three as stages on the same scale, and thinking (without proper discrimination) that they are separate/ different they remain deluded and argue amongst themselves.

braHmA is He, who seated in the swAdishtAna chakrA, performs the function of creation/ srushtI. Vishnu is He, who seated in the manipUraka chakrA (solar plexus), performs the function of preservation/ sthithI. rudrA is He, who seated in the mUlAdhAra chakrA, performs the function of destruction/ samhArA.

Due to the fact that the above mentioned trinity is engaged in the actions of creating, preserving and destroying the bodies and faculties of beings in the world(s), they are but the same. It is only in terms of their functionality they differ. There is no difference of quality in terms of one being birthless while the others are not etc among them – the difference is in their different functions. As the functions are tied to the common element of the phenomenal world the trinity too is connected to that commonality.
The trinity are operating under the command and the authority of the One. The supreme siva. In this too, there is no difference among them. Here the sage comments on the different sectarian traditions, who depending on their orientation think that their deity is superior to the others and wage wars and debates based on this misapprehension. Without understanding that the trinity is under the one commander (siva), they remain lost.