Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trinity are co equals - mantrA 108

srigurubhyO namahA

In this the 108th mantrA, the sage speaks of an incident that occured while he was still resident in the holy kailAsA. It is an interesting revelation to note as it gives us an insight into the level of the sage in terms of his spiritual calibre.

ஓலக்கம் சூழ்ந்த உலப்பிலி தேவர்கள்
பாலொத்த மேனி பணிந்தடி யேன் தொழ
மாலுக்கும் ஆதிப் பிரமற்கும் ஒப்புநீ
ஞாலத்து நம்மடி நல்கிடுஎன் றானே. 6.9.108.

Trinity Are Co-Equals

Lying prostrate I adored the Milk-hued One,
While countless Devas stood around in melting prayers lost;
Then spoke the Lord to me:
"To Vishnu and Brahma are I equal;
Be it Yours to give the world
The Grace of My Feet." 6.9.108.

Com - While countless Devas stood around in melting prayers lost; (Once) in the beautiful sabhai/ court in kailAsA, the hall was filled with a great many dEvAs who are immortal. Lying prostrate I adored the Milk- hued One, (while) I went and paid my respects and offered my prostrations to the holy feet of the milk hued Lord. Then spoke the Lord to me : ‘’To Vishnu and Brahma are I equal; The Lord then declared to me that I (the sage) am equal to the creator (braHmA) and Vishnu. Be it Yours to give the world The Grace of My Feet (And hence) go you to the world (earth) to become an AchArya / guru and guide the people there so they too may obtain the grace of my feet.

* What we get here is a glimpse into the life of a true siddha. The sage speaks of a time before he arrived down to earth from the lofty kailAsA and entered the body of the illiterate mUlan. To venture into that story here would be to digress from the topic at hand – so may I please refer the interested reader to an older post where this is described in detail? So, while still in kailAsA the sage speaks of an occasion when he went to the Lords court to pay his respects. The hall was filled with the dEvAs and various other denizens of the heavens, they were the immortals – who had risen to a state beyond birth and death and rebirth.

The words ‘milk hued’ are used to describe siva here as the sage speaks of the highest principle, like the dakshinAmUrthy aspect with shuddha sattvA (pure sattvA). While there in the presence of siva, the Lord declared to the sage that he was a perfected being and that the state he had reached was supreme and akin to the state of the trinity. Thus, like He had commanded the trinity to take on their respective stations (creation & c), the Lord instructed thirumUlar to also take up a divine task.

The Lord instructed thirumUlar to grace the human world (earth) with his presence and his wisdom. Please also note the earlier instances where the sage speaks of coming to the earth and composing the thirumandiram on the instruction of siva. Here he describes the incident while being on the topic of the trinity and their attributes. Thus instructed by siva, thirumUlar arrived into our world to serve as a siddha guru and guide those qualifying seekers and the rest of us through his grace into the kingdom of knowledge. The words ‘grace of my feet’ also suggest the instruction to spread the spiritual lineage, the kailAsa paramparA through the method of dIkshA or initiation.

(Such is the stature of the sage that it is no wonder that he speaks of the trinity like they are his school mates!)