Monday, August 19, 2013

The sixteen kalAs are within, why then the grave? - mantrA 185

srigurubhyO namahA |
The sage speaks of the prasAda neri or the path of Grace, a process where the strengths of this human condition are utilised to help take one to a level of 'super human'.

ஒன்றிய ஈரெண் கலையும் உடனுற
நின்றது கண்டு நினைக்கிலர் நீசர்கள்
கன்றிய காலன் கருக்குழி வைத்தபின்
சென்றதில் வீழ்வர் திகைப்பொழி யாரே. I.4.9.185

The ignorant ponder not even awhile,
The Kalas twice-eight within them stand;
When Death sets his snare-pit for them to fall,
Headlong they drop to utter stupefaction abandoned. I.4.9.185

Com - The Kalas twice-eight within them stand; Though the sixteen kalAs are ever present (as pathways to the supreme) within one The ignorant ponder not even awhile, the ignorant people do not utilise the kalAs as the way to reach and contemplate the supreme siva. When Death sets his snare-pit for them to fall, Instead when the lord of Time and the lord of death (rudrA) sets them up for (death and) future births by sending them to the next womb Headlong they drop they simply fall headlong into further births. To utter stupefaction abandoned their ignorance and delusion will never be overcome.

*The word ‘ நினைக்கிலர்  ‘ which refers to the ignorant masses who ‘ do not think/contemplate’ is here indicative of the fact that most of us are so caught up in the play of the material world that we do not pause to realise that we are possessed of the shOdasha kalA (the 16 kalAs of the lunar orb or Chandra mandala). To the yOgi who knows how to ascend the 16 kalAs of the moon and reach dvAdashAnthA (at the crown of the head), the supreme principle (siva) becomes manifest as pure radiance and light. This particular yOgic process is also known as prasAda neri – the path of Grace. Taking the entire verse in consideration it becomes clear that one must strive to utilise the body (as the kalAs are present within this body) while it is still possessed of vitality and practise those methods that will enable one to ascend the path of sushumnA. Otherwise, instead of following the path of Grace one is led down the path of delusion – i.e. entanglement in the birth death transmigratory cycle endlessly. The ‘snare – pit’ of death is nothing but yet another womb to take birth in as surely death will follow birth.

thirucchitrambalam ||