Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Importance of the agamas - mantra 64

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
In this the sixty fourth mantra the sage reveals the importance of the word of the Aagamas.

அண்ணல் அருளால் அருளும் சிவாகமம்
எண்ணிலி கோடி தொகுத்திடும் ஆயினும்
அண்ணல் அறைந்த அறிவுஅறி யாவிடின்
எண்ணிலி கோடியும் நீர்மேல் எழுத்தே. 8.64.
Import Of Agamas
Numberless the Sivagamas composed,
The Lord by His Grace revealed;
Yet they know not the wisdom He taught;
Like writing on water, the unnumbered fade. 8.64.

ComThe Lord by His Grace revealed Even though the Lord has revealed, out of His compassion for the jivas, Numberless the Sivagamas composed what has been classified as countless crore of Agamas. Like writing on water, the unnumbered fade They all become useless, like writing on water, Yet they know not the wisdom He taught to those that are not aware of / that do not understand the supreme truth as spoken by Siva.

* The meaning is that, the content of the Agamas has to be understood within the context of the divine wisdom that arises out of dedicated practise or sadhana as thought by the guru.