Friday, April 18, 2008


Sri gurubhyo namaha.

''Pilgrim, pilgrimage and road -- it was but myself toward my Self, and your arrival was but myself at my own door. ''



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Confused Martian said...

Naan endra poiyai nadathubhavanum naan...

The transliteration really sucks but those two lines about the pilgrimage is deeply profound.

And one more thing... What is the image on the top of your blog? Is it the flight of Usha from Brahma?

Confused Martian said...

And here is one other transliteration that I think fits too:

Venduvor vetkaiyai, vetparai, vetpaarukku eendu porulai, adhanai eettuvadhai nirkum idhe.

I have done a translation of this in my other blog that I think you should check out:

mooligai sidhan said...

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
@confused martian
lovely to hear from you. Yes, Rumi has a way about making the most profound statements (which need years of reflection)come out in a couplet!!

And yes, the image on the top is the flight of Usha from Brahma. The story of the birth of the nakshatra Mrigasirsha! The story of Rudras curse and the story of the jiva running from the Brahman without ever accepting his/her oneness!

Will check the other blog off one space and into the next!

mooligai sidhan said...

@confused martian (again)
Yes the advaita flavour comes out in Bharathiyars words much the same as Rumi. This core aspect of oneness in the triad (jnyana, jnyathru,jneya)is perhaps the essense of all advaitic teaching.
When one recognises the the pilgrimage to be no different to the road then the 'apparent' difference between the pilgrim and his pilgrimage ceases to exist/matter any more. That is the transcendental aspect where the desire,the one desiring,the object of desire all become the same thing - the highest siddhi of all Advaitha siddhi!