Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The parampara - mantra 62

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
In this the sixty second mantra the sage mentions the guru parampara or the lineage of gurus and disciples through which the original knowledge has been transmitted - from the Adi natha shiva down to the sage himself. This is also known as the Kailasa parampara or the Kailasa lineage.

சிவமாம் பரத்தினில் சத்தி சதாசிவம்
உவமா மகேசர் உருத்திர தேவர்
தவமால் பிரமீசர் தம்மில்தாம் பெற்ற
நவஆ கமமெங்கள் நந்திபெற் றானே. 6.62
Agamas Transmitted
From Siva the Infinite to Shakti and Sadasiva,
To Maheswara the Joyous, to Rudra Dev and Brahmisa,
So in succession unto Himself from Himself,
The nine Agamas our Nandi begot. 6.62

Com – From Siva the Infinite From the infinite and supreme Siva, to Shakti and Sadasiva Shakti and Sadashiva To Maheswara the Joyous and Maheshwara- who is joyous to behold in the heart- to Rudra Dev and Brahmisa Rudra, Vishnu and Brahma – who have performed the great penance- The nine Agamas had the nine Agamas revealed to each of them through their wisdom. So in succession unto Himself from Himself our Nandi begot Our guru (the first guru in the lineage to which the author of this work belongs to) Nandi, received all the above mentioned Agamas, through such an extraordinary lineage.

* The above mantra sets out the lineage of the Agamas- From Siva Himself, the Agamas were revealed first to Shakti and Sadashiva. From them, it was revealed to Maheshwara, Rudra and then to Vishnu and Brahma. Then it was revealed to Nandi, who revealed them to his disciples, and so on throughout the lineage the revelations have been passed. The author of this work, the sage Thirumoolar, belongs to the Nandinatha Sampradaya or the Nadi lineage.