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The hue of red coral - mantra 72

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The seventy second mantra of the Thirumandiram and the sixth mantra in this, the fourth section of the first tantra, forms the last mantra in this section dealing with the guru hierarchy in Thirumulars stream. The next mantra and few that follow will deal with the history of thirumular.

எழுந்துநீர் பெய்யினும் எட்டுத் திசையுஞ்
செழுந்தண் நியமங்கள் செய்யுமின் என்றண்ணல்
கொழுந்தண் பவளக் குளிர்சடை யோடே
அழுந்திய நால்வர்க்கு அருள்புரிந் தானே. 6.4.72.
Nandis Attain Celestial State
"The Heavens in eight directions may rain,
Yet shall you the Holy rites and pure perform;
"So spoke He of the matted locks and coral hue,
And His Grace conferred on the steadfast Four. 6.4.72

Com – "The Heavens in eight directions may rain Even during terrible times, where incessant rains batter the eight directions (i.e. even during the period leading to the pralaya or cosmic dissolution) Yet shall you the Holy rites and pure perform the Lord Siva instructed them (the four – see previous) to continue the performance of the practices (meditation, prayer &c) that lead to spiritual growth. the steadfast Four So the four remained steady in their love, So spoke He of the matted locks and coral hue fixed on the beautiful matted locks of Siva, glowing with cool light the colour of fine coral. And His Grace conferred Thus the lord Siva bestowed His grace on the four (Sanakar &c).

* The reference to being fixed in Siva’s matted locks glowing with the fine light of coral is to convey the practise whereby yogis remain fixedly submerged (in meditation) in the cool reddish light that is seen in the top portion of the head. It is also noticeable from the above mantra that Siva instructed the four to continue without pause, their respective sadhanas that lead to the highest state.

Here ends the fourth section of the Payiram (Proem) titled ‘The Guru Hierarchy’.


Krishna said...

Very intersting topic. Where can i get more information on it .. Hindu Temples India

mooligai sidhan said...

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

Where can i get more information on it?

Is this regarding the Thirumandiram or the process described in the mantra? If it is the actual process, then it belongs to the path of kundalini yoga and aikyanusandhana. Details, techniques and mantras to be learnt directly from a guru belonging to the parampara for concrete development, hence not worth discussing details here.