Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A hundred and sixty four visits?

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The much anticipated Guru Purnima came and bought with it plenty of streams of pure Grace from the lineage of the masters. Slowly, I am recovering from the internal impact of the day. Coming back to the earthly realms and sitting at the computer I am sad to know I have unwittingly disappointed plenty. One hundred and sixty four people to be precise!!

The site meter tells me that in the two days preceding Guru Purnima, one hundred and sixty four visitors were directed to this blog as a result of their search words ' Thoughts of / on Guru Purnima'. And all they got was a post written before the guru purnima of 2007. I wanted to post something about the guru and more thoughts on the special day a week or so back. But one thing after another and I was quite caught for time. Result - no post this year for the guru purnima. Effect - perhaps quite a few people disappointed by being 'fed' something from last year.

It is quite encouraging though to know that so many had their minds occupied by the thoughts of the day that they spent a few minutes grazing the site for what its worth. I will remember it the next time. Two of the busiest days in terms of visits to my site - and I did nothing to feed them.