Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The dance of Light particles - mantra 74

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
The second mantra in the section dealing with the history of Thirumular is also the seventy fourth mantra in the entire text when taken from the start. In this mantra the sage describes the subtle and esoteric practise where the dance of the light particles is seen and realised. This mantra could do with a lot more explanation - however, I am limited by the fact that many metaphors and words used to describe this process is beyond the scope of normal language and is to be understood by experience.

செப்புஞ் சிவாகமம் என்னும்அப் பேர்பெற்றும்
அப்படி நல்கும் அருள்நந்தி தாள்பெற்று
த்தப்பிலா மன்றில் தனிக்கூத்துக் கண்டபின்
ஒப்பிலா எழுகோடி யுகமிருந் தேனே. 2.5.74.

Witnessed Divine Dance
Flashed in my mind the mystic name of Sivagama;
Straight I rose to Arul Nandi's Holy Feet;
These eyes witnessed, enthralled,
The surpassing Dance in Holy Sabh;
Thus I lived and joyed for seven crore Yuga. 2.5.74.

ComFlashed in my mind the mystic name of Sivagama I attained the competency to befittingly narrate the SivAgama, Straight I rose to Arul Nandi's Holy Feet I attained to the holy feet of my Guru, who bestowed on me the competency to befittingly narrate the SivAgama. These eyes witnessed, enthralled,The surpassing Dance in Holy Sabh After I witnessed the beautiful movement of the incomparable light particles in the pure and complete Akaashaa (ether) on the top of my head, Thus I lived and joyed for seven crore Yuga I remained with all the seven chakras radiantly manifest.

* The dance in the holy ground refers to the motion of the many light particles that are dancing in the Chidaakasha or the ether that is present on the top of the head. The seven chakras and the solar and lunar currents function in the body. The Solar digits (Surya kalai) which are twelve in number function by channelling energy from inside the body to the outside world. The Lunar digits (Chandra/ Soma kalai) which are sixteen in number function by channelling the energy from outside to the inside. Those who think and assume that they are just the body are not aware of these subtle energy centres. But those who are practise Siva yoga are aware of the movement of rays of light (energy) both around and inside the body, through which the inside and the outside merge into each other everyday at all times. It is the fact of awakening the seven chakras and aligning them through the rays of light mentioned above and thereby attaining the state of equilibrium of the inside and outside, that is meant by the words lived in light for seven crore yuga. [Particle physics, astronomy, astrology, yoga – all in the most beautiful poetry – is discussed in the above mantra]. Thus the author confesses that he remained merged in the light of the awakened chakras as a result of his witnessing (and realising) the movement of the light particles as mentioned above.