Thursday, April 19, 2007

Banish those Illusions. Mantra-25

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The twentyfifth mantra from the first part of the Thirumandiram.

பிறப்பிலி பிஞ்ஞகன் பேரரு ளாளன்
இறப்பிலி யாவர்க்கும் இன்பம் அருளும்
துறப்பிலி தன்னைத் தொழுமின் தொழுதால்
மறப்பிலி மாயா விருத்தமும் ஆமே. 25.
25: Illusions Vanish
The Birthless is He, the Divine Mad, of Compassion vast,
The Deathless is He, the Boundless One, Granter of Joys all,
To Him kneel, and, kneeling, shall find
Naught becomes Maya, the bond immemorial.
Com - The Birthless is He The one who is without beginning (as Siva is always there, ever present as consciousness, He is without birth) the Divine Mad the one who is the dissolver of everything into Himself of Compassion vast the one whose Compassion knows no bounds and is inextinguishable The Deathless is He He is deathless - without pause, however minute- and constant the Boundless One, Granter of Joys all He is the granter of Joys to all, by being in continuous communion with the soul, and is without boundaries- without bias. To Him kneel To that Siva one must direct all thought and prayer. and, kneeling, shall find And when one prays to Siva with a pure heart, it will be obvious (to the devotee) Naught becomes Maya that all ignorance (like the perception of difference between the object of devotion and the devotee) is instantly dispelled the bond immemorial and the state of constant unity with Siva is realised.

* The worship of Siva, who is beyond birth and death, and is exceedingly compassionate towards the jivas, is the sure way to rid oneself of ignorance.