Tuesday, April 17, 2007

He stands firm in firm minds. Mantra-24

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The twentyfourth mantra of the first part of the Thirumandiram.

போற்றிசைத் தும்புகழ்ந் தும்புனி தன்அடி
தேற்றுமின் என்றும் சிவனடிக் கேசெல்வம்
ஆற்றிய தென்று மயலுற்ற சிந்தையை
மாற்றிநின் றார்வழி மன்னிநின் றானே. 24.
24: Firm In Minds Firm
Sing His praise, Sing of His Holy Feet!
Pour all your treasures at Siva’s Sacred Feet!
And they who shake off the clouded eye and disturbed mind,
With them He ever stood, benignantly firm.
Com - Sing His praise By praising and by singing the glory of the stainless one (Nirmalan – one without any impurity) Sing of His Holy Feet one must hold firm, always, to the sacred feet of Siva as the only path. Pour all your treasures at Siva's Sacred Feet By thinking and becoming aware of the fact that all the precious possessions (treasures) belong only to Him, shake off the clouded eye and disturbed mind one should rein in the mind that is ever ready to flow outwards as a result of the distractions posed by the external sense objects. With them He ever stood, benignantly firm And, in such a one, who has cleared his mind of the disturbing influences, Siva stands (is present) firmly and eternally.

* The word treasure refers to the following – Pleasure, Wealth, Knowledge, Courage, Intellect, Luck, Will power. It goes without saying that, when one no longer identifies (falsely) with the above mentioned possessions, as belonging to oneself, the ahamkara (I ness) is dissolved. This in turn serves to clear the mind of its false attachments and expectations, for the firm establishment of pure consciousness. The sage conveys in precise and poetic terms the necessity of clearing the 'clouds' of false attachments and wrong conditioning of the mind body complex as a prerequisite for the firm establishment of the pure consciousness that is Shiva. Only the empty pot can be filled, filling an already full pot merely wastes what is being poured in.