Saturday, April 28, 2007

For my Guru who has reached the Supreme.

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

Even if every drop in the seven oceans become the ink and the great oceans themselves the inkpot, even if the majestic mount Meru were the pen and the entire universe the writing leaf: and even if I was granted all eternity, I would still not be able to describe fully the innumerable virtues of my guru and his limitless grace.

Where can I begin and where can I end? What language, be it human or divine in origin, has the words I am looking for? Where can I find the adjectives of superlative strength that I will need to describe the strength of his upasana?

It has been said that the effort needed in sadhana is akin to what is needed to drain the entire ocean using a blade of grass. By dipping it in the water and shaking it off and then dipping it and shaking it again. And again, and again and again, until all the water is drained. If such intense effort and dedication had a physical form, it would be that of my Guru – Sri P.P. Krishna Iyer.

Adi Shankaracharya says, ‘’ The Vedic dharma is verily two fold, characterised by Pravritti (social action) and Nivritti (inward contemplation), designed to promote order in this world. This two fold dharma has in view the true social welfare and the spiritual emancipation of all beings’’.
My guru is the very personification of the Vedas and their essence and entirety. It is only fitting that the following verses are dedicated to those two fold aspects of the Light that He is.

Pravritti (From No-form to Form)

Sri Krishna incarnated (on earth) to dispel the darkness of Arjuna in the midst of the battle field of Kurukshetra,
Shining forth like countless Moons.
He expounded the Prapanja Rahasya (earthly secret) through the Gita,
And thus was Arjuna’s grief assuaged.

Sri Krishna incarnated (on earth) to dispel the darkness rooted deep in the battlefield of my mind,
Shining forth like innumerable Suns.
He expounded the Vidya, mysterious, shining and in the form of fifteen syllables,
And thus was my grief assuaged.

Confusion and darkness, and the accumulated grit of countless lives
Vanish like the morning mist on contact with the sun.
The tightly closed bud, my existence,
Blooms through the never ending stream, His grace.
He made no judgements nor did He order me about.
My Lord and my Master He was,
Yet, behaved always like a friend who knows.

Undeserving though I might be, He taught me the art of Being.
Blind though I might be, He taught me the secret of seeing.
Consumed eternally by a million passions,
Pulled forever into countless actions.
Such has been the journey of my soul in this world.
I stand back and see the shattered illusions,
As I tread the Vidya path so ancient, so old.
With each breath as with each step,
I give thanks and I sing His praise.

Even if I were able to drain the oceans
With nothing but a blade of grass.
Even if I were able to crush the Himalayas
With nothing more than a thought.
Even then, O friend, even then
My debt to Him would diminish by nought.

Nivritti (From Form to No-form)

On His way to undivided oneness,
To further perfect perfection itself.
Towards the peak of Sumeru, He goes,
Drawn to the waiting arms of the Devi.
Pure and steady, like a second Shiva
Surrounded on all sides by the glowing siddhis.
The devas, rishis, yoginis and the naathas,
Gather to welcome one of their own.

Far far away in the middle of the ocean of nectar
Stands the island of gems;
Waves of nectar gently lap at beaches of turquoise.
The gentle breezes are scented of sandal and jasmine.
There in the midst of the forest of immense lotus blooms,
Shaded by the sacred Kalpaka trees that grant all desires –
Stands a palace most exquisite, hewn from the finest Chintamani stones.
In the palace I see, a throne most magnificent; with lions decorating the legs.
Eyes squinting from the dazzling brilliance of that throne, I see
The throne is empty.
My heart whispers and wonders why?
And then quietens –
As a great sadness and immense joy fill it;

I see -
My guru, my light, my guide,
Seated there on the throne.
Beyond modifications, pure as crystal
Beyond the influence of gunas and time.

The Sun might set, but nothing can stop daybreak again.
The moon may wane, but who can stop it becoming full again?
Oh heart, do not grieve – He has reached perfection.
Oh heart, be still – He lives on for ever.
Is or Is not, matter no more,
This or that, matter no more.
Name or form, delude no more.
Sadness and joy, alternate no more,
Birth and death, no more, no more.

All that remains now –
Sat Chit Ananda!
Sat Chit Ananda!
Sat Chit Ananda!

Ishwaro Gururatmeti – Ishwara, Guru and the Self are identical.

May I realise that oneness through insight.
May that insight be the gift of grace of my Sadguru.
Though not capable of filling His shoes,
May His lotus feet be attainable to me. Om.


Anonymous said...

INTENT ON YOGA,PURE OF SPIRIT,HE WHO HAS FULLY MASTERED HIMSELF AND HAS CONQUERED THE SENSES,WHOSE SELF HAS BECOME THE SELF OF ALL BEINGS.HE IS NOT INVOLVED EVEN WHILE HE ACTS,Bhagvad Gita chpt 5,verse7.The supreme self is beyond name and form,beyond the senses,inexhaustible,without beginning,without end,beyond time,space,and causality,eternal,immutable.those who realise the SELF are forever free from the jaws of death,Katha Upanishad VERSE 15.Waking, sleeping,dreaming,the SELFis one.transcend these three and go beyond rebirth.There is only one SELF in all creatures.The One appears many,just as the moon appears many,reflected in water.The SELF appears to change its location But does not,just as the air in a jar changes not when the jar is moved about.When the jar is broken,the air knows not;But the SELF knows well when the body is shed.We see not the SELF,concealed by maya;When the veil falls,we see we are SELF.The mantram is the symbol of Brahman;repeating it can bring peace to mind.Knowledge is twofold,lower and higher.Realise the SELF;for all else is lower.Realization is rice;all else is chaff.The milk of cows of any hue is white.The sages say that wisdom is the milk and the sacred scriptures are the butter lies hidden within milk,The SELF is hidden in the hearts of all.churn the mind through meditation on it;Light your fire through meditation on it;The SELF,all whole,all peace,all certitude."I have realised the SELF",declares the sage,"Who is present in all beings.I AM UNITED WTH THE LORD OF LOVE;I AM UNITED WITH THE LORD OF LOVE!!!"om shanti shanti shanti,AMRITABINDU lite in true livity is the SADGURU,manifest upon creation GURU shineth the light for us to see and know,blessings in love to all without partiality..words in love for SRI P.P.IYER>>>>>>

mooligai sidhan said...

Sri gurubhyo namaha.
Many thanks for the appropriate quotes. I am moved to know that even such a fleeting contact with him inspired you to post the comment.
Om namah shivaya.