Friday, April 13, 2007

Seek Him - He is your friend. Mantra-22

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The twentysecond mantra of the first part of the Thirumandiram.

மனத்தில் எழுகின்ற மாயநன் நாடன்
நினைத்தது அறிவன் என்னில்தான் நினைக்கிலர்
எனக்குஇறை அன்பிலன் என்பர் இறைவன்
பிழைக்கநின் றார்பக்கம் பேணிநின் றானே. 22.
22: Seek Him, He Seeks You
This Lord of Maya-land that has its rise in the mind,
He, the Being without thought, knows yet all our thoughts;
Some be who groan, “God is not to me a friend'';
But, sure, God seeks those who seek their souls to save.
Com - This Lord of Maya-land Siva, the Lord of this body, which has its origin in Maya that has its rise in the mind who arises in the mind as a result of the practice of Dhyana (meditation) He knows yet all our thoughts knows all our thoughts, as He is in such immediate and intimate contact - by being the very life of the living, He experiences all what the jivas experience. Being without thought Even still, there are those who do not think about and praise this Siva, because of their ignorance. Some be who groan, “God is not to me a friend rather they feel, and say that God is not my friend and that He does not show His grace towards me. But, sure, God seeks those who seek their souls to save But, in reality, the God showers His infinite Grace and Love towards all beings, without bias - even towards those that do not seek Him and allege His non existence- eternally.

*How then can we adequately thank and praise His grace and compassion? We cannot – as Siva helps the jiva by being the life of the living.
In this mantra the body is understood have its origin in Maya as is the mind, the same mind in which He appears and stands firm as a result of dhyana. There is no point simply advocating no mind, mindless or any other such negative states. Rather, one must strive to tune the outward flowing mind inward and there we percieve the self, the supreme, in the nature of Shiva. We can also understand that Shiva (God) is unbiased and incapable of making distinctions between those who pray and those who dont (or any other such discrimination), and merely showers His infinite grace on all, without exception. Thus this supreme Shiva is like Sri Maata (Lalitha) who showers all jivas with Her love without exception, as a mother would to her children without prejudice. Another very interesting (and comforting) aspect of Shiva is that He is not someone who is 'way out there' and far away. Just because He stands above all, in that transcendental plane, He does not remain unaware of the jivas experiences. He stands forever with the jiva, as his inner most companion and experiences all what the jiva experiences! (by being the very life of the living). You and I, we are never alone. This seemingly complex and unending wheel of samsara cannot do anything to you or me (contrary to all what maybe said) - how can it, when all experiences, yours and mine are His experiences?? Can the delusion of samsara affect the equipoise of mind of the supreme yogi, Shiva? Surely not. Why then would I (or you) need to waste time and energy in worry and sorrow? By being verily my innermost being, the compassionate Shiva has already given me 'liberation' ! Nothing can tie me down. No bonds, however strong can keep me a prisoner. I am 'free'. You are 'free'. Is that not the best kept secret?