Friday, April 20, 2007

Transcendental yet intimate. Mantra-26

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The twentysixth mantra from the Thirumandiram discusses the transcendental and all pervading aspect of Shiva while being intimately connected to all.

தொடர்ந்துனின் றானைத் தொழுமின் தொழுதால்
படர்ந்துநின் றான்பரி பாரக முற்றும்
கடந்துநின் றாம்கம லம்மலர் மேலே
உடந்திருந் தான்அடிப் புண்ணிய மாமே. 26.
26: Attain Grace
Adore the Lord, who in unbroken continuity stood,
The Lord who protecting over all earth expanded,
Transcending all He stood; over the lotus bloom aloft,
In smiling glory He sat; Holy be His feet!
Com - Adore the Lord Adore (meditate and pray to) Siva, who in unbroken continuity stood who is always in constant communion and identification with the Atman. The Lord who protecting And to those who adore the Lord as prescribed over all earth expanded The all pervading Lord, who has filled this vast universe Transcending all He stood (and) further still who has transcended all this vast universe, over the lotus bloom aloft and as such resides in the Sahasrara lotus (crown chakra) In smiling glory He sat; Holy be His feet grants the state of unity with Him (often called ‘Obtaining the Holy Feet’- thiruvadiperu.)

* Through the above mantra the sage makes clear Siva’s qualities of being part of (pervading) and yet being beyond (transcending) this vast universe -while at the same time Siva is mingled with (by being of the nature of ) the Atman. He is beyond all, yet exceedingly intimate to all.