Thursday, March 15, 2007

From the Rudram

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

A verse from the very end of the Rudra Prassnam, one of the most beautiful hymns ever.

''OM namo bhagavathe rudraaya vishnave mruturme paahi,
Praanaanaam grandhi rasi rudro vishaanthaka
Thenaa annena aapya swa.''

Om, my salutations to God,
Who is everywhere,
And to the Rudra
Let not death come near me.
You Rudra who lives in the junction of the soul and senses,
I pray to you who destroy everything, to be within me,
And due to that be satisfied, With the food that I take as offering.

Om. Shanti shanti shantihi. May peace prevail in the three worlds.