Friday, March 09, 2007

Shiva - He defies Death. Mantra 2

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The second mantra in the first section of the Thirumandiram -

போற்றிசைத்து இன்னுயிர் மன்னும் புனிதனை
நாற்றிசைக் கும்நல்ல மாதுக்கும் நாதனை
மேற்றிசைக் குள்தென் திசைக்கொரு வேந்தனாம்
கூற்றுதைத் தானையான் கூறுகின் றேனே. 2.
2: Defies Death
The Holy One who all life sustains,
Lord of Her, beloved of all the world,
He who spurned Yama, the Southern Quarter's King
Of Him I sing, His glory and praise.
Com - The Holy One who all life sustains The Pure Siva who is the very essence and basis of all life, Lord of Her, beloved of all the world He is the Lord of the four directions namely East, West, South and North, He is also the Lord of Parashakti, the beloved of all. He who spurned Yama, the Southern Quarter's King Of the quarters (directions) named above, He spurned Yama (The god of Death) the ruler of the South. Of Him I sing, His glory and praise His glory and praise I sing forever.

(*) The four quarters are to be conceived of in the head region in the front (east) , back (west) , right (south) and left (north) sides respectively.
[Spurned Yama – Refers to the incident mentioned in the puranas, where Siva came to the aid of His devotee, the sage Markandeya. Markandeya was fated to die when he turned sixteen years of age. But the much troubled youth was initiated by great sages into the mantra called Maha mrityunjaya mantra, which is capable of bestowing immortality to the sadhaka. Markandeya left all his worldly desires and when the time came for his death, went into a temple of Siva and there chanted the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, while hugging the Lingam of Siva tightly with his arms. And when Yama, the God of Death, came there to collect the soul of Markandeya, he saw that the youth was deep in prayer. Just as he threw his noose to bind the soul, Siva appeared out of the Lingam and out of His love for His devotee; He fought with Yama and defeated him by finally kicking him with His left leg. Thus He succeeded in sending him away without the soul of Markandeya, His devotee.]