Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shiva - The all competent. Mantra -6

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The sixth mantra of the first part of the Thirumandiram.

அவனை ஒழிய அமரரும் இல்லை

அவனன்றிச் செய்யும் அருந்தவம் இல்லை

அவனன்றி மூவரால் ஆவதொன் றில்லை

அவனன்றி ஊர்புகு மாறு அறியேனே. 6.

6: Omni-Competent

Without Him, there be Celestials none,

Without Him, penance is not,

Without Him, naught the Three accomplish,

Without Him, I know not the City's Gate.

Com - Without Him, there be Celestials none There are no Devas (celestial ‘shining’ beings) who are equal to or superior to Siva. Without Him, penance is not There is no tapas (austerity/penance) that is as complete or as rare or as beautiful, as one that is of Him. Without Him, naught the Three accomplish The Three (viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra) are incapable of delivering on their respective functions of creation, preservation and destruction, without (Him) His explicit consent and support. Without Him, I know not the City's Gate Apart from Siva, I do not know of any other means to arrive at the City (Liberation -Mukti, is meant here by the word City).

* This last line can be understood in 2 ways – That there is no other way to Liberation apart from Siva, is the obvious meaning. But a siddhar of the calibre of Thriumular who has attained to great spiritual heights and an unbiased awareness of perfect oneness, we have to assume, will not be caught up in denying that there are other ways to liberation/freedom. So, my interpretation of the last line is in looking a bit beyond the obvious. It can mean (more subtly) that all the means to Liberation become one in Siva (meaning that there is nothing that can be not Him) as it has been and will be established (later throught the text to follow) beyond doubt that Shiva is All pervading.

Note that the Christ also said '' I am the way'' and that this saying has been later twisted and interpreted by lesser people as meaning that Christ and His way (Christianity) is the only way. But anyone with half a head will understand that there is no truth in that and similarly we have to assume a higher intent and meaning with respect to Thirumulars words that ''without Him I know not the City's gate ''.


Anonymous said...

Just to add to what you have said , since this "I" am " Shiva" - Shivoham, the only path to liberation is through this self - the purpose of human life - to attain Moksha. As the Upanishads say Aham Brahmasmi. So truly this verse secretly points out to attaining Sivahood - meditate on the self in me. There is no point in going outward and searching when Siva is inside - that truly is the path