Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shiva - He blossoms as All. Mantra-15

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The fifteenth mantra of the first part of the Thirumandiram.

ஆதியு மாய்அர னாய்உட லுள்நின்ற
வேதியு மாய்விரிந்துஆர்ந்துஇருந் தான்அருள்
சோதியு மாய்ச்சுருங் காததோர் தன்மையுள்
நீதியு மாய்நித்த மாகிநின் றானே. 15.
15: Blossoms As All
Into Brahma did He expand, into Hara did He,
And into the soul of the body He pervades
As the Effulgence Divine, the Dharmic law limitless,
The Eternal and the Everlasting.
Com - Into Brahma did He expand Siva creates the world, by being manifest as Brahma into Hara did He He destroys the world, by His manifestation as Hara or Rudra, And into the soul of the body while it is again He, who preserves (protects and transforms) the body( as Vishnu) , He pervades while also simultaneously transcending all the above mentioned manifestations, He is all pervading. As the Effulgence Divine He is Light (divine light). the Dharmic law limitless He is the limitless, unbiased and eternal, universal natural law (Dharma), awarding the just fruit for efforts. The Eternal and the Everlasting And it is only He who is eternal and everlasting.

* Siva is the supporter of the continued existence of the worlds, by being the creator, preserver and the destroyer of infinite world systems. He oversees the continuity of the world, by being the Dharma or Universal natural law, which enables the awarding of the right fruit (effect) to the right effort (cause). Note the intrinsic connection between Dharma and Karma and their direct bearing on the continuity of this eternal and never ending cycle of the creation and the dissolution of the world systems.
The word (expand) suggests the 'modifications' or vrittis in the undifferentiated consciousness (Parashiva), as the modifications themselves are the cause of the (expansion) multiplication of attributes, which then becomes the cause of creation itself (the universe is full of attributes). These modifications are always continuing (constantly transforming) in their own dynamic which then becomes the cause of the preservation (of the modifications and thus this universe). Finally, these modifications dissolve to leave us at the begenning - the pure and undifferentiated consciousness, this then becomes the cause of the dissolution of the universe. And simultaneously, it becomes the seed of the universe to begin all over again. The laws of Dharma and Karma (cause and effort) govern the appearance and the subsequent disappearance of the modifications in the one and pure consciousness. And so, it keeps going - the tail of this serpent is in its own mouth; its infinite. And as the modifications or changes are themselves temporary, the transcendental state of parashiva alone is eternal and limitless. That is what the vedas describe as the Brahman.