Monday, March 26, 2007

Together Alone.

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

A self penned Haiku!

'' Atleast in being
Alone, we are together.
You and me, my Soul. ''


'' Atleast in Being
alone, we are together.
You and me, my Soul. ''


Ananda said...
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Ananda said...

Bhole Boom,
Very nice and it is intense. Couple of questions though
1.Are you mentioning to the mortals that by being alone we can identify oneself.
2.Are you hinting the duality is revealed when singular.
From what I understand you seem to very nicely weave between mulitple meanings of duality-oneness-duality. It would be my pleasure to talk upon this over a cup of smoking hot coffee :)

mooligai sidhan said...

@ Anand,
I would love to discuss this and many other things with you over a cup of coffee and a smoke!But actually I am mentioning nothing like your interpretation. That is the true beauty of poetry - you can make what you will out of it. Unlike prose, that has an already definite meaning and a slant to it.
In reality, this haiku (the top one)was for my lovely beloved! Taking a cue from the sufi romantics, it was meant to signify the inablity of 'love' to bridge the lover and the beloved to a 'real togetherness'(no matter how true,pure or intense that love may be). And I compare that to the 'real' state of the soul (which is always alone).
Though after penning the haiku, I noticed how with just one or two small changes, the entire meaning shifts to a different level and that I presented as the second haiku.
In the first, the state of being Alone is the 'bridge' where my beloved and me are together. And in the second, the state of Being, alone is the bridge where my beloved and me are together!
Like I say, poetry is where the interpretation is yours to make!

Kanna said...

Beautiful in its simplicity.

A similar (or complete opposite) one that I had penned many years ago:

At dusk they pondered
And watched the sun set.
Reflections of a lone soul.

mooligai sidhan said...

Wah! Wah!!
Beautiful, and I would imagine quite similar (rather than the complete opposite)in slant. I like the 5,5,7 construct.
Havent heard from you in quite some time. Hope all is well there with mind, spirit and body.

mooligai sidhan said...

While discussing haiku's I cannot but mention one that my wife penned many many moons ago (when we had just met)-

'' Of love and shadow
our life consists. Beyond all
time and space, exists.''

It is my favourite haiku!

Kanna said...

Indeed, very very beautiful. Regarding mine, I remember trying to get it in the 5,7,5 construct, but giving it up justifying to myself that within the total of 17, I am allowed a little poetic license :)

Out here, things are blossoming quite beautifully in body, mind, and spirit and other perceptible and imperceptible dimensions. The framework is falling into place - only the finer details need a little rearranging, and once that is done, the artwork will be ready for appraisal :)