Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nandi - He of the golden matted locks.Mantra-9

Sri gurubhyo namaha.

The ninth mantra of the first part of the Thirumandiram.

பொன்னால் புரிந்திட்ட பொற்சடை யென்ன
ப்பின்னாற் பிறங்க இருந்தவன் பேர்நந்தி
என்னால் தொழப்படும் எம்இறை மற்றவன்
தன்னால் தொழப்படு வாரில்லை தானே. 9.
All Worship Him
Gold-be wrought, His matted locks fall back and gleam;
Nandi, His name,
My Lord is He, ever by me worshiped;
But none there be whom He worships.
Com - Gold-be wrought, His matted locks fall His matted locks appear to shine as if they were wrought out of pure gold (it is His infinite Grace that appears as many golden rays entwined in His matted locks) . back (appears) and gleam He appears gleaming in the back Nandi, His name That Siva’s name is Nandi. My Lord is He; ever by me worshiped He is always adored and worshiped by me as He is the Lord of me and all life. But none there be whom He worships But there are none whom He worships, as He is unequalled and is the Lord of all.

* The word ‘back’ here signifies the back portion of the brain, more specifically the Pineal gland. This is considered to be the seat of life. It is the bridge that connects the gross body and the subtle body to the intelligence. This truth is also conveyed through the Lingothbhavar, who is always depicted as being behind (in the back of) the Siva Lingam (emblem). The above mantra shows that Siva is superior to all other Gods (who are based in the lower chakras) and resides at the highest place (head) in the body.